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our management team

Nicholas Stubbs

Managing Director

Nicholas has been steadily researching since 2000. First, the problem and costs of climate change and, then, anaerobic digestion as part of the solution. Now, with the team, he is working flat out to bring this vital project into being.

Jonathan Stubbs

Finance Director

Jonathan oversees the finances using his 15 years of programme management within the trading side of the financial sector, with particular skills in project budget forecasting and spend reconciliation. He writes spreadsheets which are out of this world!

Frank Kenny

Operations Director

Frank has designed and built AD plants for On Farm, Industrial and now Food Waste applications and is passionate about changing things for the better. This project presents a perfect opportunity to do just that. Here’s hoping.

Charlotte Moazami

Sales and Marketing Manager

Charlotte is new to the industry, however she has bundles of energy to embrace the adoption of the AD process and engage with like-minded businesses. Previously, she has spent over 3 years in the marketing industry (B2B, B2G and B2C).

Alice Ellis

HR Manager

Communicating the phenomenal impact of what REAL Technologies is going to achieve by reducing climate change is part of our vision and I am so excited to be able to contribute and help others play their role in the success of this project.

What is ad 

What we do 

We turn unavoidable food waste into energy through Anaerobic Digestion.

We are able to accept the following wastes:

  • Supermarket food waste
  • Household food waste
  • Damaged or expired stock
  • Kitchen and restaurant waste
  • Food processing by-products
  • Drinks and brewery waste
  • Category 3 animal byproducts
  • Grease trap waste
  • Liquid waste

We are able to take other wastes, contact us for more information.


‘Anaerobic digestion’ (AD) is the scientific name for the biological digestion of waste food (and other organic material) without oxygen. It occurs naturally in marshes (marsh gas) and in man-made places like sewers (you guessed: sewer gas). Bugs which thrive without oxygen are the only critters which can survive and make the most of this environment, but we’re glad they do a good job: breaking down waste food and other material such as crops (maize) and converting them into methane, a useful fuel. We encourage these bugs to digest the waste food we supply by keeping them warm and well feed. In turn, the methane is used to fuel our engine-driven generators. As with most of nature, AD is extremely complex but it is active all around us as part of a vast natural chain to reprocess the vital nutrients in organic waste that would otherwise rot. REAL Technologies captures and concentrates that natural elegance to produce a lot of energy and, even more effectively, we avoid emitting methane: a greenhouse gas 86 times more potent than carbon dioxide CO2).

The science 


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